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Our Photography

Lowcountry Exposure, a Charleston real estate photographer,  practices a naturalistic style of HDR real estate photography that will help your Charleston MLS listings stand out from the crowd while still maintaining a sense of authenticity. By editing multiple exposures of a image and blending them, we get an image with incredible depth, light balance and a clean natural look.

High Dynamic Range

High Dynamic Range Photography (HDR) allows for the best light to be utilized in each area of the photo by blending multiple exposures. The results are greater light balance, a cleaner overall look and better contrast and detail.

1391 Stratton-7.jpg

Wide Angle Photography

A quality wide-angle lens is an important piece of gear, allowing the ability to capture entire spaces/rooms from short distances. This bathroom photo is an excellent example and similar results are seen in small bedrooms.

343 King C-6.jpg


Quality editing is just as important as quality compositions. Interior photography presents lots of naturally occuring obstacles which must be cleaned up in order to create a quality finished product. 

1740 Agate Bay-16.jpg


We are focused on producing  images that will help your listing stand out from the crowd while still maintaining a sense of authenticity with the home. Stylistically we believe in producing clean, crisp photos with healthy light and color balance, incredible depth and a clean natural look. 

2759 Summertime-18.jpg
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